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10 aspectos clave de la logística de una empresa

10 key points of the logistics of a company

If you intend to study logistics or start your own business, here we tell you what the 10 key aspects of the logistics of a company are.

If you are starting, the search will have already led you to find the logistics giants who, with the expansion of e-commerce, stand out in marketing and a diversified offer with a wide geographical scope.

However, business logistics is much more than home delivery. It is the cornerstone for planning, executing and controlling activities related to the supply, storage and transportation of goods in the supply chain and production.

Therefore, the logistics operator that has the capabilities to offer the service adjusted to the requirements of a company must be evaluated according to a series of characteristics.

Common characteristics of business logistics

An essential part of the key aspects is addressed by the 7 C’s of logistics in a company, referring to the “correct” situation in each of them:

1. Correct available product.

2. Correct amount.

3. In suitable conditions.

4. In the right place.

5. At the right time.

6. For the right customer.

7. And at the right cost.

But in addition to these aspects, there are three others in which the logistics planning is crucial as a starting point:

8. Plan routes and constantly optimize them.

9. Manage inventory with exhaustive control of available stock.

10. Manage data, which allows planning and anticipating demand and avoiding stockout.

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