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5 keys to finding the appropriate logistics partner
5 keys to finding the appropriate logistics partner

5 keys to finding the appropriate logistics partner focused on successful selection

Finding the appropriate logistics partnercan be a long and difficult process. Therefore, here we summarize the most important in 5 key phases to focus on successful selection.

Just as each company needs a logistics operations model that meets its needs, each logistics operator offers, based on its capabilities, a number of solutions that allow tailoring a customized service proposal.

Keys to selecting a logistics partner

The choice of a logistics operator, like other providers of different types of service, necessarily goes through a decision process. In that step by step, the most important factors are:

  1. Right type of service: the first step is to distinguish, among potential suppliers, those that offer the type of service that needs to be covered, both in terms of the area of the supply chain (transport, storage, picking, etc. .), as for special requirements according to the type of merchandise (cold chain, weight, volume, dangerous products, etc.). With this it is possible to make a short list of pre-selected and start moving forward.
  2. A detail of included services: the companies dedicated to logistics present a concrete proposal adjusted to the requirements that have been requested, therefore, it is important to provide the pre-selected operators with all the information and requirements that must be fulfill the service and study the details upon receiving the proposal.
  3. Know the track record and experience: with the written proposals, it is time to get to know the potential suppliers better and find the points where an alliance with them can be advantageous.
  4. Equipment and infrastructure compatibility: in addition to a well-equipped and up-to-date fleet, technological integration is what today makes the difference in the sector. Market demand, especially electronic commerce, requires that the parties’ management systems are fully compatible.
  5. Price and financial stability: in addition to considering the price of the service and the benefits it integrates, it is important to know the solvency and stability of the operator, in order to guarantee a service without complications.

If it is the first time that you are going to outsource logistics or if you are looking for a new partner that will allow you to expand your operations, the team of professionals at Algevasa Logistics can provide you with all the advice to reach the ideal logistics solution at the best price.