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Elegir el tipo de transporte internacional adecuado para mi negocio
Chossing the right type of international transport for my busines

Choosing the right type of international transport for my business

Sending merchandise through international routes is a decision that involves choosing the most suitable type of international transport for our company or business, depending on the type of goods and the delivery requirements.

Among the demands to which international transport planning must be adjusted, cost undoubtedly ends up being the determining factor to adapt to. However, the price of shipping can be increased significantly if we choose an inappropriate transport.

In a general overview, the most used international transport route is the maritime one, since they allow the shipment of many different types of merchandise, it offers great capacity and is economical.

The point against this route is usually speed, when long-distance, urgent and fragile goods transport is required, the air route is usually preferred, which, although more expensive, is crucial to avoid stockout.

In the midst of this balance of advantages and disadvantages, the ground route is presented as the most chosen alternative for the international transport of goods in Europe.


International ground transport

Main advantage of the land route is the price, especially when it comes to a volume of goods that does not complete a unit of cargo or full container.

Although railroad transport has very competitive prices, especially for heavy loads, it has the drawback of depending on trucks to make the entry and exit link.

In short, road transport offers multiple advantages:

  • It is versatile, offering different types of vehicles with the ideal conditions for merchandise.
  • It is fast, despite congestion, technologies allow planning routes to adjust and guarantee delivery times.
  • It is flexible, offering alternatives such as urgent services, full cargo, groupage, courier and parcel, door to door, among others.
  • Economic, together with the above, is the service in charge of the links between other types of transport and, with high demand and competition in the market, offers competitive prices.

At Algevasa LOGISTICS we work with consignees specialized in the international freight transport that offer all the alternatives to guarantee a customized service to the immediate needs of business.