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Cadena de suministro de alimentos en tiempos de pandemia

Food supply in the time of a pandemic

Food supply chain in the time of a  pandemic

Different sectors have been affected by emergency policies in the face of the COVID19 outbreak, however, the food supply chain is the axis of crucial measures to guarantee provision to each family.

The objective of the supply chain is to satisfy the needs of the end customer through the delivery of goods and services in phases ranging from the production of raw materials to distribution in shops.

The three basic elements that make up every supply chain are:

  • Supply: activities aimed at obtaining and delivering raw materials.
  • Manufacturing: activities to transform raw materials into a product.
  • Distribution: activities through which the product reaches final consumers.

However, each supply chain has different forms and activities depending on the goods in which it is framed.

Keeping the flow of food in Europe

In the field of food provision, the supply chain begins in the country or in the garden, where the supply of seeds and agricultural inputs is essential to produce the raw material.

Since the declaration of a state of emergency, the entities of the sector have promoted actions so that the necessary measures are taken to guarantee commercial operations in the food sector supply chain.

The concern, beyond the processes involved in production and manufacturing, is focused on transport, which strongly affects the ends of the supply chain, and distribution because it is highly integrated and operates beyond the borders.

Store sourcing depends on ensuring the seamless flow of agricultural production, packaging operations, and solutions to reach each store with fresh and quality products.

At Algevasa Logistics we focus all our efforts on supporting producers and merchants in the opportunities so that the products of first necessity reach all families.