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Freight transport and trucks


Freight transport and different types of trucks


Freight transport by land covers a wide range of activities and sectors where, due to its versatility and safety, we find different types of trucks.

Even though the fact that rail is included in the land route, it is much more common to transport goods by different types and sizes of road freight vehicles.                           

The logic behind it is that, in the first place, the transport of merchandise deals with an extensive quantity of articles and products, the volume and weight of which strongly determine the choice of the most suitable and most profitable means of transportation. 

Secondly, the characteristics of the business often suppose specific requirements regarding door-to-door services, minimization of merchandise transfers, temperature control, among others.

Thus, transport of goods is practically synonymous with trucks, a universe of vehicles with various characteristics.

Types and characteristics of trucks for the transport of goods

To know the types of trucks it is necessary to distinguish four categories where the different trucks are installed according to their distinction:

  • Regarding its structure: rigid, articulated, road train.
  • Regarding its equipment: tautliner, open platform, refrigerators, cage, tank, car carrier, containers.
  • Regarding its maximum authorized mass (MAM): N1 (up to 3,500kg), N2 (from 3,500 to 12,000kg), N3 (greater than 12,000kg).
  • Regarding its level of emissions: Euro 5, Euro 6.

In these 4 categories, the different types of trucks come together, which gives road freight transport enormous versatility, allowing services to be customized to the specific logistics needs of each business.

At Algevasa Logistics we have a wide fleet of vehicles of different sizes, from rigid trucks, which provide great mobility in urban areas, to articulated vehicles with different load capacities, including different categories of refrigerated and tautliner trucks.