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Information Systems




In Algevasa we have a management information systems (MIS) that is formed by a warehouse management system (WMS) and a radiofrequency network that enables online work around the store.

Our management system is based on the use of technologies emitting radio frequency data and identification of the products and their placement through barcodes.

This communication system allows us to provide better service to our customers through the following operations:

  • Import and export of all kind of data (articles, provided inputs, orders, inventories, etc.)
  • Treatment of customer returns via radio frequency, using our customer’s own barcodes.
  • The possibility of personalized delivery notes for our customers.
  • Record of the traceability of every reference of our clients.
  • Emission of lists of interest for the client (diaries of entry and exit, valued inventories or not, etc.)
  • Accomplishment of the invoicing to clients according to the previously approved concepts.
  • Information Maintenance of customer on: prices, orders history, shipments and other global warehouse management parameters.
  • It allows us to determine, at any time, the provision of wares of our customers.
  • Make the treatment of serial numbers for those customers who request it.

Algevasa’s system allows to give to its clients better quality of service (QoS) and an extraordinary managing of operations, knowing at all time the situation of the store.

The use of these systems of management has given place to an important decrease of the number of mistakes produced in the store, diminishing simultaneously the time dedicated to the above mentioned resolutions. Consequently, in Algevasa we can use all our staff to carry out labors of store, moving goods and preparing orders, which allows us to increase the agility and the quality of the service.