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El transporte frigorífico de España en Europa
El transporte frigorífico de España en Europa
Logistics in food distribution

Logistics in food distribution

At this time of pandemic, one of the activities whose central importance has been highlighted throughout the world is logistics in food distribution.

To understand the importance of logistics, it is important to distinguish it from supply chain management as a whole.

Logistics refers, specifically, to the planning, execution, and control of the flow of goods in an efficient and effective way, both in terms of transportation and storage, with information to meet customer requirements.

In this sense, logistics is an integral part of supply chain management, dealing with activities such as:

  • The management of the transport of goods in incoming and outgoing condition.
  • The management of vehicle fleets that meet the requirements to transport products.
  • Materials and tools management for product handling.
  • Storage management under right conditions.
  • Inventory management, controlling the storage and distribution of goods.
  • Planning and customer service in the next phase of the supply chain.  

For its part, supply chain management includes a number of other tasks, as it is a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary concept with a marked influence on supply, production, product development, performance monitoring and information integration.

The key role of logistics in the food sector

Within the framework on the above, logistics in the food sector plays an integrating role of vital importance that concentrates transport, storage and distribution, functions that allow coordination and optimization of other activities.

The logistics activity impacts the service to both producers and merchants, setting the pace and, finally, cost efficiency, performance, and quality.

In the case of food, whether it is perishable or not, the logistics operator must guarantee safety in two main aspects: temperature control and avoiding cross-contamination.

At Algevasa Logistics we have a large fleet of vehicles, warehouses with the indispensable conditions to offer logistics services and the human team that will guarantee maximum effectiveness in food distribution at national and international level.