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Logistics warehouse in Barcelona

Logistics warehouse in Barcelona, optimizes distribution.

The logistics facilities of our logistics warehouse in Barcelona are focused on guaranteeing the continuous and uninterrupted supply of goods.

Logistics warehouses are spaces where to accumulate goods, but whose main objective is to optimize the product distribution process thanks to a systematic management of facilities.

At Algevasa we have our own 50,000 m2 dedicated to professional warehousing services with a capacity for 180,000 m3 of goods.

Our facilities are fully equipped to offer storage in racks, both for conventional pallets, as well as for products of special dimensions or medium load units.

Storage solutions in Barcelona

Thanks to complete equipment, specialized staff and cutting-edge technologies, in these extensive storage facilities we guarantee added value through:

  • Goods management, from reception, unloading of containers, palletizing, identification and control.
  • FIFO and LIFO storage systems.
  • Preparation of orders, such as picking and cross docking.
  • Health registration, for storage, handling and transportation of loading units of food products.
  • Radio frequency service, to have online access to inventories in real time.
  • Security systems, with remote monitoring and surveillance 24/7.

In addition, we have two divisions that adjust to the specific characteristics of the services that are required to be covered.

     A clear example of this are those that deal with those goods whose order of preparation and delivery may be required within 42 hours, and solutions with low-cost storage services for low-turnover or documentary archive type products.

We have computer support to allow online services through own user data with access to information for inventory management, and professionals with extensive experience to advise you on the services that your logistics needs. At Algevasa, quality, flexibility and safety are a priority in the management of our logistics warehouse in Barcelona.