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Medios para el transporte de mercancías
Means for freight transport


Means for freight transport

Freight transport has its complexities. Choosing the operator is one of them, but even before taking that step, it is important to determine which is the most appropriate means, which one should I choose between the different means for freight transport for my company or product.

Particular characteristics of goods to be transported is only one of the variables that will help us to consider the different alternatives that the world of freight transport offers.

Air freight transport

Although it is recognized as one of the most expensive, it is a safe and fast solution that is usually used for merchandise made up of luxury items, with low weight and volume, or in cases of emergency or risk of stockout.

Pallets are metallic, closed and with completely different measurements from the other means, since they are adapted to the dimensions of the airframe.

Sea freight transport

About 90% of international freight transport is carried out by ship, as a result of low costs and a large volume of cargo.

Although it is not as fast as air transport and involves a large number of procedures to make the journey through several ports safely, containerized cargo allows the transport of large quantities of merchandise, practically of any type, and at a low cost.

Railroad freight transport

Railroad is one of the two means of transporting by land. It allows you to travel long distances at competitive prices, carrying heavy and bulky loads.

However, the truck is generally required to complete the move, and in some cases, a detailed assessment of the infrastructure available in the geographic area of operations is required to consider the benefits of multimodal transportation.

Road freight transport

In the field of ground transport, trucking is the most versatile and, often, the most economical.

Even when it comes to long or short distances, bulky, small or fragile loads, road transport offers a number of alternatives that end up guaranteeing door-to-door service at the best price and with the best conditions.

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