Ventajas de trabajar con un pool de palets

The advantages of working with a pallet pool

Disused pallets eventually result in an expense in terms of storage and management of new ones, so it is necessary to review the advantages of working with a pallet pool.

The system called “pallet pool” is a service through which it is the provider who makes available the number of pallets needed to make the shipment.

That is to say, when a company sends palletized merchandise, the empty pallet is not recovered and this has a cost for the one who makes the shipment; on the other hand, for those who receive the shipment, the amount of empty pallets is far from welcome, since it implies management and storage costs.

That is why working with a pallet pool can result in advantageous solutions for all parties.

Important aspects of the pallet pool

  • Optimization of resources: the storage space and avoiding the management of empty pallets is the opportunity to allocate these resources to other productive areas of the business.
  • Specialization: the transit, delivery, collection, repairs and recycling of pallets is more efficient when performed by a specialized pool.
  • Traceability: specialized companies also offer tracking of the parts, which is more efficient and controlled.
  • Environmental: both wood and plastic or metal pallets require maintenance and eventual repairs that are often only profitable in a pallet pool.
  • Standardization: quality levels in logistics operations are increasingly demanding and, among others, the measurements, materials and format of the pallets can determine the success of an operation.
  • Flexibility: this system is much easier to adapt to the seasons of increase and decrease in demand, resulting in a much simpler and variable cost.

Many companies offer the pallet pool within the logistics services offered to companies and distributors, in order to help optimize the supply chain and the cost of the processes.