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La pujanza del e-commerce sigue animando la inversión en logística
The rise of e-commerce continues to encourage investment in logistics

The rise of e-commerce continues to encourage investment in logistics

E-commerce continues to encourage investment in logistics by attracting international investors, its expansion grows and reaches more consumers.

During 2019, the logistics market in Spain attracted an investment volume that exceeded 1,500 million euros, representing an increase of 7.5% over the previous year.

According to experts, although there has been a drop in e-commerce operations in some large cities, such as Barcelona and Madrid, foreign investments could contribute to expanding the logistics network.

The Central Zone was the main recipient, with 43% of the total volume of investments, and Catalonia follows, with 24%, but there was also a large increase in Andalusia and Aragon.

This is in line with trends for 2020, which provide an expanded approach to other cities and for the sector to reach an investment volume similar to that registered in 2019.

Main changes registered in logistics-oriented investment

The expert analysis of investments during 2019 allows us to know what the trends are for the coming months of 2020.

The origin of the investment is one of the changes registered during 2019, which revealed an increase of 5% in investments of American origin, reaching 45% of investments during the year.

In this same vein, Spanish investments in the logistics sector continued to decrease, going from 32% in 2018 to 13% in 2019.

The security and stability offered by investment in the sector, hand in hand with the profitability of logistics assets, which stood above 5% during the last quarter, places Spain very close to the mature markets of the region.

These factors, together with an expanding e-commerce market, are driving investor interest, especially in mid-cap companies.