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Transport and distribution



Integrated logistics

In Algevasa we have been providing our customers with a comprehensive logistics service for more than 30 years, which encompasses everything from storage and order preparation to transportation.

We supervise all loading and unloading operations and have the most adequate means to handle your merchandise.

All the goods transported with Algevasa are insured and the transport (monitoring) is monitored continuously by specialized personnel.


Ground transportation
  • Groupage
    In groupage or combined transport your merchandise travels in the same vehicle along with other merchandise of our customers. In this way we save transportation costs and this allows us to offer a cheaper price.
  • Full loads
    In the case of full loads, we offer an exclusive service, transporting only your merchandise in our vehicles.
Marine transport
  • Groupage
    In the shipments “Less than Container Load” LCL your merchandise shares space in the same container with the merchandise of other customers, which allows you to make partial deliveries in a more economical way.
  • Full loads
    In shipments “Full Container Load” (FCL) the container travels complete with merchandise of your company exclusively.

“We provide FCL and LCL services to the Canary Islands from all the ports of the Peninsula, serving the Balearic Islands from the ports of Barcelona and Valencia.”

Air Transport
  • Groupage
    As in the ground groupage, in this case your merchandise shares space in the cargo hold of the aircraft with merchandise of other customers, which allows a significant cost savings.
  • Charter
    If you want your merchandise to travel alone, we offer you a charter flight service.


We distribute all types of products to the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. The FCL and LCL maritime transport to the Canary Islands are made from any port in Spain. While maritime transport to the Balearic Islands are only made from the ports of Barcelona and Valencia.

  • We offer Cross-Docking service, distribution system in which the goods are received in the enlistment platform and are not stored, but are prepared to be sent as quickly as possible, thus speeding up the entire process. Cross-docking is highly beneficial and very profitable for certain activities, since eliminating storage operations reduces logistics time and costs.
National Distribution
Express parcel service (Urgent Service)