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El transporte de mercancías durante el coronavirus

Transportation of goods during the alarm status

Transportation of goods during the coronavirus alarm status

From the statement of alarm status for coronavirus, which will last for 15 more days, and the closure of borders, measures are sought to guarantee the least impact on the transport of goods.

Out of the health area, one of the sectors in which professionals work more than ever to deal with this situation is logistics and transportation of goods.

Guarantee and facilitate the supply of goods is among the government’s priorities and, to this end, it has taken a series of measures that ensure the continuity of activities that allow citizens to be supplied at every point in the territory.

One of the measures applied since March 14 is to raise recess restrictions for freight transporters affected by this exceptional circumstance.

The affected goods include, in addition to food, pharmaceutical and cleaning products, as well as other first need and those that allow the economic and productive activities to be sustained.

The decree stablishing alarm status excludes the transport of goods from the limiting measures and more measures could be expected to help improve conditions to facilitate the transport of goods, highlighting the strategic social role of logistics and transport activity.

At Algevasa Logistics we share the concern about the situation that COVID-19 outbreak has raised, and we reaffirm our commitment in the place we occupy to supply the population with the products that are needed.

At this time, we apply our best efforts to provide the necessary material means to guarantee hygiene in the workplace for the health security of our human team and goods in warehouses and in transport.