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¿Qué es una cinta transportadora?
¿Qué es una cinta transportadora?
What is a belt conveyor?

What is a belt conveyor?

Although recognized throughout history, in the current technological environment they have not lost validity and the need to know what a conveyor belt is and what its role in logistics is renewed.

Also known as belt conveyors, they are used, as in the past, to transport goods and products that, since they require more stability, cannot be handled by roller conveyors.

Its operation consists of the movement of a band or tape that is a continuous physical support where the goods are supported all at once.

Basic and distinctive components of belt conveyors.

Although it may seem like a simple mechanism, it is an important and quite complex technological development that allows adjusting its characteristics, such as speed, load capacity, stops, derailleurs, sides, railings, wheels, among others, to the type of operation and material for the that is required.

This equipment distinguishes 3 basic components that determine its function:

1. The continuous physical support: the materials used for the tape or band determine the type of product that can be transported. Among the main ones are the rubberized fabric, which can have a variable composition, and plastic, polyester, PVC, polyamide bands, etc.

2. Drums: drums are those that cause the belt to advance, which can be produced by friction (belt transmission) or by the action of pinions and toothed belts (chain transmission). In addition to driving action, they maintain tension and allow adjustment of elevation angles.

3. Structure: made up of the frames on which the conveyor belt is mounted and which varies in length, height and shape, depending on the functionality of the belt in the automation scheme. Accessory systems will also be incorporated into this elemental structure.

These accessory systems provide conveyor belts with great versatility, offering multiple advantages in logistics warehouses and making it an important element of automation. At Algevasa Logistics warehouses we have a complete range of services for various types of merchandise, allowing us to provide high quality logistics services with innovative technologies.